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swap.gg Referral Codes 2024 + July Review

swap.gg Referral Codes & Review

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Swap.GG Review in March 2023: Is Swap.GG legit?

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swap.gg Review in 2023: Fast Skins Exchange with swap.gg

A fast and convenient skins exchange website with pleasant design and easy interface. If you are tired of your skin collection, or finally decided to sell all your junk and get that Case Hardened Bayonet, then today’s the day.

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Is swap.gg Legit Or Scam?

swap.gg is a legit and great site to rapidly purchase, sell and exchange CS:GO skins as well as virtual things from different games.

Because of a portion of the trick skin exchanging locales that have sprung up before and keep on doing as such, it is reasonable for inquire as to whether swap.gg and its related destinations are genuine or not.

swap gg buy sell csgo skins

CSGOswap and H1Z1swap are both sites that divert to swap.gg and both have Steam gatherings and Twitter accounts. swap.gg has a Steam bunch just as dynamic records on Twitter, Discord and YouTube. Clients can purchase, sell and exchange skins at swap.gg effectively and securely. Starting around 2017 swap.gg has accumulated 1,181,358 or more clients and finished over 8,3 million effective exchanges.

As you can see by the timeframe they have been directing business, their web-based media movement, the quantity of clients they have and the effective exchanges they have finished they are a totally genuine CS:GO skin exchanging website.

The Release

The website was registered a year and a half ago, on March 2016. Currently, the website is approaching this mark. The analytics was collected using Whois and SimilarWeb web tools.

swap.gg code


The primary audience of the website comes from the Russian Federation, amounting to 23.81% of total visitors. Second and third places are occupied by Ukraine and Slovakia.

Top 5 countries:

  • Russian Federation – 23.81%
  • Ukraine – 15.92%
  • Slovakia – 3.66%
  • United States – 3.43%
  • Jersey – 3.16%

swap gg audience


The pricing system can appear confusing at first sight, so we decided to provide you with a more detailed description. At the bottom of the website, between your inventory on the left and available skins on the right you can see a table with Market Rates. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Key 96% – 101%
  • Knife 98% – 103%
  • Rare Weapons 95% – 100%
  • Weapons 90% – 95%
  • Misc 85% – 90%

The first value nominates the difference in price with Steam Market if you are trading your skin to the bot, and the second one if you are buying the skin from the bot. Here’s an example: if you want to sell a skin, which costs $100, to the service you will receive 0.96*$100 =$96 for your item. If you want to buy the same $100 skin from the bot, you will pay 1.01*$100 =$101 for it. As you can see, the rates are quite reasonable.

Withdrawal Methods

The website doesn’t allow you to trade your skins for real money, so there are no withdrawal methods.


The only commission rates imposed by the service are those you can see in the Market Rates section.

swap.gg legit

Tech Support

We didn’t manage to find any online support or the way to chat with support directly. You can either write about your problem at the service’s Steam community or DM them on Twitter, but there’s no directly stated support contact information.

Why Do We Trust This Website?

The main argument for trading on this website is the fact that you are selling your in-game items to a bot, not real people. This guarantees the speed and safety of the transaction. Moreover, if you see that the elements participating in the trade on the website and on Steam are different, simply decline the trade offer. However, we didn’t manage to find reviews of the website on such platforms as TrustPilot or a review section at their website.

swap gg trustpilot

Bonuses and Promotions

The website doesn’t offer membership and discount programs. However, you can acquire a 3% reduced commission for adding “swap.gg” to your Steam name. The website also has constant giveaways on their official Twitter page.

is swap.gg safe

The Process of trading on swap.gg

Even if you have never used websites of similar structure, you will quickly understand how to swap your skins with the bot. The website is divided into four fields – Your Offer, Inventory, Bot Offer and Bot Inventory. They are separated by two information blocks – Bot Filter, Market Rates – and two buttons.

After you have signed in with your Steam account and entered your trade URL, available skins will appear at the bottom-left corner, in your inventory. If you don’t see some of the items in your inventory, then try to refresh it or wait. The service warns that only items purchased more than seven days ago will be visible.

Moreover, some of your skins may be labeled as “Overstock,” which means the bot has a surplus of them, and your items won’t be accepted. But, don’t get upset – the fluctuations of skins are incredibly quick, which means several days later they will be in demand.

How to Trade on swap.gg?

  • 1️⃣ Sign in through Steam, set up your trade URL.
  • 2️⃣ Select the items you want to swap from your inventory at the bottom left corner of the page.
  • 3️⃣ Find the skin you want to buy, or click “Auto Select” for the bot to choose skins of corresponding value.
  • 4️⃣ Click “Trade” and wait for 10 to 15 seconds for the exchange to proceed.

Pros and Cons of Using This Service

Pros Cons
✅ Convenient bot filter ❌ No Online support
✅ Immediate skins exchange ❌ No reviews page
✅ Simple interface

SWAPP.gg Overview

swap.gg was established in 2017 and is a site for exchanging CS:GO skins just as virtual things for Z1 Battle Royal, Rust, DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2. Virtual things can likewise be exchanged between games at swap.gg. They are not to be mistaken for skin betting locales as they are only for purchasing, selling and exchanging skins.

Skin exchanging locales CSGOswap and H1Z1swap additionally divert to the swap.gg site. The commissions for CS:GO exchanges on the site are 8% however this can be decreased to 5% basically by adding ‘swap.gg’ to your Steam Profile client name.

An extra charge might be added assuming that you hold a locked CS:GO skin. The genuine exchanging process at swap.gg is very straightforward and comprises of five basic advances:

  • 🔶 Sign into swap.gg through your Steam account. To lead any exchanges your stock ought to be set to “Public”.
  • 🔶 Enter your exchange offer URL. To do this open settings and snap on “Exchange URL” to observe your Steam exchange URL. Reorder your exchange URL into the “Exchange URL” field and snap save.
  • 🔶 Select the things from your stock that you might want to exchange.
  • 🔶 Select the things from the site that you might want to exchange for. There is a channel that you can use to see things by esteem. Click “Exchange” whenever you have chosen the thing you need and the exchange bot will set up an exchange offer.
  • 🔶 Acknowledge and affirm the exchange.

swap it gg

Pros Cons
✅ Great stock on exchanging bot and market ❌ Exchanging and commercial center are totally seperated
✅ Straightforward and simple to-utilize site page plan ❌ No shared exchanging incorporation
✅ Just 5% deals charge on commercial center ❌ KYC confirmation needed for genuine cash cashouts
✅ Bunches of helpful highlights
✅ Several games supported

swap.gg Code

swap.gg regularly has advancements where clients can win giveaways. Passages to limited time challenges can be procured by such things as following the site on Twitter and signing into swap.gg. There will be a drawing and victors will be given a promotion code that can be utilized to guarantee their prize. The victor can tap on “Reclaim voucher” and enter the promotion code they were given to guarantee the prize they have won.

swap.gg How to Use Balance

There are times when you make an exchange at swap.gg where the worth of the skins you are exchanging might be worth more than the thing you are exchanging for. At the point when this occurs, the CS:GO exchange bot will take the distinction and add it to your record balance.

You can utilize your equilibrium to buy different skins inside and out. It can likewise be utilized by adding it to the worth of skins you are exchanging for later on assuming that your skin esteem complete is not exactly the measure of the thing you are exchanging for. Clients can finish off up their offset with G2APay.

swap gg sell skins

The most effective method to Reserve Items on swap.gg

At times a CS:GO skin you might want to acquire might be exchange locked and isn’t at present accessible. At the point when this happens you can save the locked skin until it is accessible for exchange. To hold an exchange locked thing you will make the accompanying strides:

🔷 You can utilize either the skins in your stock or your wallet equilibrium to save the exchange locked CS:GO skin. Select the skins from your stock similarly as you would for an ordinary exchange or utilize your wallet balance as old as would when buying a skin inside and out.

🔷 Select the exchange locked thing you need to save and snap “Exchange”. You will not get an exchange offer as the thing is right now locked and isn’t tradable.

🔷 Click on “Held things” in your stock.

🔷 Click “Alright” which will take you to a page which shows the thing/things that you have held. The “Status” part of the page will show you how long it will be until the thing opens up. There is likewise a “Pull out” button that will become dynamic once the skin is tradable. Tapping the dynamic “Pull out” button will move the thing to your stock.

🔷 When the skin becomes tradable you have a multi day time span during which it tends to be removed. In case you neglect to pull out the CS:GO skin following 5 days the booking is dropped. Your record will be credited the buy sum less a charge.

gg swap


swap.gg is a genuine CS:GO skin exchanging site. The stage is white-recorded by the CS:GO exchanging local area on Reddit. This subreddit has some severe guidelines. Possibly locales are posted on there on the off chance that they meet specific necessities and are checked by the arbitrators. For sure, SWAPGG has a decent standing among the skins exchanging local area Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and is regularly utilized by well known decorations in their live streams. There are huge number of skin exchanges that have been done on swap.gg.

websites like swap gg

YES, swap.gg is genuine. Here is a speedy outline:

  • ✅ As per SimilarWeb, swap.gg gets the greater part 650,000 guests every month
  • ✅ Exceptionally speedy pull out and store bots
  • ✅ Straightforward with charges and precise with thing valuing
  • ✅ 8% base exchanging charge for CS:GO skins
  • ✅ Secure installment framework runs on a protected SSL-scrambled association. You can confirm this by actually looking at the left-hand side of the site’s location, and there ought to be a lock showing that it’s safe


Trading Experience

To utilize swap.gg, you need to sign in by means of steam account. Furthermore ensure that your stock settings are set to public. It will show your stock skins on the site to one side. You would then be able to choose skins and compromise them with different skins.

Installment Methods

You can add assets to your record by PayPal, VISA, Bitcoin, and 200+ installment strategies. This makes it simple to access for all.


Discount Policy

The discount strategy of swap.gg according to their terms of administrations says that things are non-refundable and can’t be dropped.

How to reach the Support

swap.gg has got one of the least demanding UI, where you can get your skins exchanged effectively with no issues or challenges, and makes it fun with different functionalities accessible on the site. A portion of the skins are in a flash withdrawable, which implies they are sent straightforwardly to your steam stock where you can prepare it and you are all set. Anyway different skins are accessible inside 7 days after the exchange. swap.gg use bots to send exchange offers, which make it quick and less tricky.

how does swap gg work

Stock Size

swap.gg has a tremendous stock where each sort of skin is accessible. From most uncommon to normal, costly to modest, swap.gg has everything. With the goal that you can have your cherished skin.

Step by step instructions to reach the Support

Assuming you have experienced any issue, swap.gg has all day, every day client service with around a 30 minutes reaction rate and is replied by genuine staff rather than bots through their emotionally supportive network on the site, info@swap.gg or by means of Twitter.

code do swap gg


The website is pleasant to use, and the transactions are incredibly fast since you are trading with a bot, not real people. However, there is no live support and opportunity to sell skins for real money and withdraw them. The website also has constant giveaways at their Twitter page. In case of problems, you can contact the service either via their Twitter or Steam group.

  • Skins price 4.5
  • Support 3.5
  • Usability 5
  • Money withdraw speed 4.5
  • Bonuses/Offers 4.5

swap.gg is a phenomenal site to rapidly purchase, sell and exchange CS:GO skins just as virtual things from different games. They offer the choice to hold presently exchange locked skins just as exchange things between games. Their bonus is sensible and serious. We can prescribe swap.gg for those needing to exchange CS:GO skins and things from different games just as for the trading of skins.

swap.gg has got generally speaking incredible client input among the other skin exchanging sites. Remembering every one of the surveys and criticism of clients, swap.gg is a trusted and genuine site for skin exchanging. So to exchange, purchase CS:GO things or sell your skins we prescribe you to check it out!

swap,gg skins


🧩 Would I be able to trade skins and different things or is SWAPP.gg just for exchanging?

The site furnishes you with a full scope of choices for trading, just as selling and purchasing your different virtual things in general.

🧩 Is this site just for CS:GO skins?

No; the site permits you to exchange and sell a wide scope of virtual things structure games like DOTA2, Team Fortress, Rust, CS:GO, and Z1 Battle Royal.

🧩 What is the commission rate charged through the site?

The standard commission on the site is 8% of the worth of your exchange.

🧩 How might I diminish the commission that I need to pay?

Assuming you wish to lessen the commission by 3% you just need to add “swap.gg” to the profile name that you have inside Steam. You will then, at that point, pay just 5% commission on your exchanges inside the site.

🧩 What is swap.gg?

swap.gg is CS:GO skin platform where users trade skins or buy and sell skins on their marketplace.

🧩 What Withdrawal Methods in swap.gg?

The website doesn’t allow you to trade your skins for real money, so there are no withdrawal methods.

🧩 What Commission in swap.gg?

The only commission rates imposed by the service are those you can see in the Market Rates section.

🧩 Is swap.gg safe?

Yes, The main argument for trading on this website is the fact that you are selling your in-game items to a bot, not real people. This guarantees the speed and safety of the transaction. Moreover, if you see that the elements participating in the trade on the website and on Steam are different, simply decline the trade offer.

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