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5 Best CS2 CT Guns - CS2 Pulse

CS2 is a tactical game where strategy trumps aim. One of the main strategic decisions CS2 players must make before starting a CS2 match is which weapons to add to their loadout, where the ones they choose can be the difference between victory and defeat. To help you make this decision, here is a complete guide on the top 5 CT weapons in CS2, where we examine their strengths, applications, and why they stand out.


If you want to use an automatic assault rifle, the number one option for you on the CT side is the M4A1-S. The M4A1-S can kill an opponent with two shots, one to the head and one to the torso or arms. The M4A1-S can also kill an armored opponent in four chest shots at close range.

One downside is that the M4A1-S has a magazine of just 20 rounds. However, that didn’t stop professional esports players from adopting it as their go-to CT side rifle, with an average pick rate of 60% to 65% compared to that of M4A4. In other words, the M4A1-S has much to offer that more than makes up for its shorter magazine size.

Probably the main benefit of the M4A1-S is that it has a suppressor, allowing players to shoot through smoke without bullet tracers or revealing their location on the mini-map. Secondly, the M4A1-S costs $200 cheaper than the M4A4, allowing players to purchase a flashbang.

However, both are amazing rifles. You can select any of the two while on the CT side, and you will do well. If you want to learn more about which of the two is better and in what ways, check out our detailed comparison of both M4s. (Add M4A4 vs M4A1-S Link)


Up next, we have the most iconic weapon in Counter-Strike 2, without which any top weapons list is incomplete, be it for the Counter-Terrorists or the Terrorists. We are talking about the Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle, or as we Counter-Strike fans call it, the AWP.

The main reason for the popularity of the AWP is its one-shot kill potential at any range, even against armored opponents. The AWP also has a long-range zoom scope, allowing players to hold angles from a distance. The mere presence of an AWP is enough to deny enemy movement in that area.

Priced at $4,750, the AWP is also one of the most expensive weapons in the game. However, considering it has the potential to lock down entire paths and dictate where combat will take place, no CS2 player hesitates to purchase the AWP as soon as they have enough cash.

There are entire strategies in professional play that depend on a team earning enough money so their primary AWP player can get the AWP. Also, if a CS2 player sees an AWP on the ground, especially professional players, they’ll immediately pick it up, regardless of what weapon they are currently using or which ones they prefer.


The M4A4 is the only assault rifle on the CT side that comes close to taking the number one spot from the M4A1-S. It offers a nice balance between accuracy, fire rate, and damage. While its recoil is a bit difficult to control, the 30-round magazine size and high fire rate of the M4A4 make it a reliable choice for close-quarter combat.

However, it’s not like the AK-47 from the T side, and it can’t take down enemies with a single shot to the head if they are wearing a helmet. Fortunately, you can finish off an enemy with only two shots, one to the head and the second to the chest or stomach, regardless of whether they are wearing any armor.

The M4A4 is best suited for players with an aggressive, up-in-your-face kind of play style. Gamers who play aggressively or take on the entry fragger role are more likely to encounter enemies at close range, where the peeker’s advantage and the M4A4’s high fire rate work in their favor. Regardless, the M4A4 is an all-around great weapon that can perform exceptionally well in any scenario.


CS2 is one of the most dynamic first-person shooters out there, and many times, things don’t go exactly as planned. Players often run into situations where they must deal with enemies equipped with top-tier assault rifles but unexpectedly don’t have enough cash to purchase one of the M4s.

If you are ever on the CT side and encounter a similar situation, the most effective option for you is to purchase the FAMAS. It has decent damage of 30 points, just three points lower than the M4A4, 70% armor penetration, a high fire rate, and somewhat manageable recoil.

The best part is that you get all those features by spending $850 less than the M4A1-S and a whopping $1050 less than the M4A4. While the FAMAS by no means can replace the M4s, it is a decent option and gets the job done, allowing you to pull ahead in a Force Buy round.

Desert Eagle

If you are running so low on cash that you can’t even afford the FAMAS but still want to purchase something that gives you a decent fighting chance against fully kitted Terrorists, then you, my friend, should look no further than the Desert Eagle. It’s probably one of the best bang-for-buck guns in CS2 when it comes to damage.

By spending roughly three times less than the cost of the FAMAS, you can get a gun that has the potential to one-shot headshot enemies, even at long range or even if they are wearing helmets. That said, you need to spend a few hundred hours of practice before you can land precise headshots with the Deagle because of its low running accuracy.


CS2 has a decent selection of weapons, with one or more options to cater to every type of playstyle. Now you know which ones perform the best for each playstyle. Test the weapons we mentioned above and see for yourself how you perform with them.